Executive Committee

Our executives for 2013 to 2014 are:

President:  Carol Francis
Vice President: Jane MacDonald
Secretary: Isabelle Mason
Treasurer: Eileen Betts
Lunch: Rita Baudoux
Library: Gerry Cameron
Fundraising: Joanne Kilcup / Shirley Aikens
Program: Anne Mattie
Phone/email: Jeanne Dorie
Workshops: Janice d'Eon / Gloria Turnbull

December Meeting

Our December meeting will be on Wednesday 11 December.  Christmas dinner will be at 5 pm.  Heather Campbell is organizing who is bringing what, so please contact her if you wish to contribute.

The meeting will start at 7 pm and then there will be a gift exchange.  To participate, please bring a gift (quilting related) with a value of no more than $10.00. Santa will hand out the gifts - this is always a fun event.

During the afternoon, work will continue on our guild quilt.  Come and see how beautiful it is and help to work on it.

Sheila Munro is organizing a postcard exchange with TWO guilds - one in Hawaii and one in New Zealand.  More details will be available at the December meeting.

Register your UFOs with Shelley Tye - and then get busy finishing them!